Remembering the Innocent

On June 3rd, we were honored to present our sixth Michael Grossman healing portrait to a very special lady.  Even after losing her 8-month-old son long ago, she, like many other parents, continues to deal with the sorrow even today.  In doing so, she prefers anonymity, which we respect, but graciously shares her story.  After the birth of baby Adam, he was sent home.  After two weeks, he started to develop health issues and was taken to St. Christoper’s hospital where he spent the next 8 months of his life before passing away in his mother’s arms. 

Mom attended regular meetings of the Compassionate Friends bereavement support group for 1½ years, while fulfilling her obligations to her three older children.  Her attendance at our April 24th Remembering the Innocent Mass was the result of her becoming aware of it via an announcement in her parish’s bulletin.  The fact that the date of the Mass was almost the exact date of the 44th anniversary of Adam’s passing was, to her, a sign that the Holy Spirit was working to help in the healing process. 

The painting, depicting a baby in the arms of our Blessed Mother, is a combination of Michael’s talent and Mom’s loving input since it is a beautiful reminder of how her baby peacefully moved on to Heaven while in the arms and on the lap of his earthly mother.