Eucharistic Revival

Experience the Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit at Christ the King!
February 11 to February 24, 2024

This traveling exhibit has been created by the Diocese of Trenton to assist those who will experience it to affirm belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It is based upon the website created by Blessed Carlo Acutis to catalogue all of the Eucharistic miracles that have taken place worldwide.

The exhibit is circular and is divided into seven sections or rooms. In the first six rooms, information about the Eucharistic miracles is displayed. Each panel names a miracle, recounts the story of its occurrence and the country where it took place. The panels are arranged in chronological order from the early Third Century to 2013. Be sure to notice the date on the timeline and some of the world events that will help you to place in within the historical era.

All of the rooms point to the center of the exhibit. This is to intentionally remind us that the historical miracles we are learning about on the walls of the exhibit are all pointing to the miracle in front of us—Jesus, present in the Most Holy Eucharist! In the seventh room, the Eucharist is clearly visible in the monstrance and a place has been prepared for you to rest a while in His presence.

More information will be coming soon!

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