Parish Giving

Selecting the best gift plan depends on your personal financial situation and goals. As tax laws are always changing and each individual’s situation is unique, you are encouraged to consult with financial advisors to determine which method of contributing is most beneficial to you

Online Giving at CTK

Christ the King Parish has enlisted Parish Giving to provide its members with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer as an alternative method for giving.

Parish Giving is being offered to you free of charge. At the same time, Christ the King Parish will benefit from a reliable, more efficient and more convenient means to process the contributions that make it possible to support its ministries.

On this giving site, you will be able to select from the various opportunities to contribute to our parish and other initiatives. Keep in mind that all contributions are processed once a month. Following is an overview of some of the features:

  • Ability to make one-time contributions
  • Ability to make recurring contributions
  • Ability to contribute to multiple organizations
  • Ability to select your billing date
  • Ability to use Credit Card or Bank Transfer
  • Ability to access end of year contribution reports

Please click here for a quick overview of Christ the King Parish Giving Site.






Memorial Gifts

One great way to support our parish and pay tribute to someone that you care about, is through a memorial or tribute gift. In fact, there are many memorial and tribute gift opportunities available that honor those you choose.

This is a great way to actually make two gifts - one to the parish and one to those who you care about most.
When a loved one passes, sometimes family members want to make a memorial gift in the name of the deceased. There are many ways that a memorial gift can be made and put to good use here at Christ the King Church, such as creating an endowment to help needy families through our St. Vincent de Paul Society ministry, making a gift to benefit our youth group program, or giving stocks or securities to help maintain and grow our parish buildings for future generations. If you wish to discuss the possibility of making a gift in memory of a loved one, please talk to our pastor, Fr. Jim Dever.

Making a Legacy Gift

A legacy gift is a planned future donation to a charity, given through a will or other form of designation. It is a decision that each person makes in their own financial planning process, taking into account their charitable wishes and values.

Planned Gifts

Life Insurance

Planned giving is the process of carefully selecting the best method and asset for making a charitable gift. Such a gift can enable you to take full advantage of the tax laws to accomplish your financial and charitable goals. Planned gifts can be made through, bequests by will or living trust, charitable annuities or beneficiary benefits.

Explore the opportunities available for planning a truly satisfying gift.  

You may donate to Christ the King by making the parish the owner and beneficiary of your insurance policy. If you are finished paying for the gifted policy, your gift is the replacement value or the cost basis of the policy, whichever is less.

You may also donate a life insurance policy on which you are still making payments.  Annual premiums are fully deductible as charitable gifts and often can be paid up after only five or seven years.

House of Charity

The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal seeks to raise funds to provide care, respect, justice, peace and dignity for every soul in the Diocese of Camden. We ask that you prayerfully consider how this annual program provides solace, support and grace to thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ and give, generously, in support of the yearly House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Your support of the House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal ensures the vitality of essential Diocesan ministries and programs that sustain the healing, teaching and redemptive Presence of Jesus Christ through the Diocese of Camden.
For more information please contact Terry Ciemny at (856) 429-1600 ext 123.