Marriage is both a sacrament and a vocation (a calling) in the Catholic Church. Therefore, marriage preparation is multifaceted:

  • Three meetings with a priest to collect documentation and determine ceremony details
  • A marriage preparation course led by trained married couples, often called Pre-Cana (after the town of Cana, where Jesus, Mary, and the disciples attended a wedding)
  • FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory, an online survey to support couple communication

The wedding can generally occur on any day and time, depending upon the availability of the church. The wedding can be a ceremony or nuptial Mass.

Basic requirements

Since November 2021, only one priest has been assigned to the parish. Therefore, note these requirements for weddings at Christ the King Church:

  • The bride or groom must be a registered parishioner OR
  • The bride or groom must be a Catholic residing in Haddonfield, Tavistock, or the adjacent parts of Haddon and Cherry Hill townships OR
  • The parent(s) of the bride or groom must be registered parishioners

A priest or deacon from another parish may officiate a wedding at Christ the King Church for couples that do not meet the criteria above. This clergyman must also take responsibility for the marriage preparation.

The wedding fee for the parish is $500. For parish couples, this includes the priest. For other couples, it is customary to offer something to clergy who travel to officiate a wedding. The fee does not include music.



Couples meet with the Director of Liturgy and Music to select music for their wedding. We are proud of our talented cantors and organist at Christ the King, however if you wish to use an outside cantor or organist you must pay bench fees of $150 to the parish organist and cantor. Any outside musicians must be approved by the Director of Liturgy and Music. 

Getting started

  1. Complete the inquiry form. The form asks for your preferred date. You will generally hear a response within one business day.
  2. If the priest confirms your eligibility to marry at Christ the King Church and the availability of your date, then you will meet with him at the parish office.
  3. To get a head start, prepare the following for your first meeting:
    • A newly issued copy of the baptism certificate for Catholics. Ask the church of the baptism to provide a baptism certificate with notations.
    • A photocopy of the baptism certificate for non-Catholic Christians.

Frequently Asked Questions