Windows of Our Church

The windows are the result of a great deal of thought and study by His Excellency, Very Reverend Bishop Eustace, the Right Reverend Monsignor Joseph B. McIntyre, and the many helpful suggestions of Father Flaherty.   Their planning produced a group of subjects appropriate to the Church dedicated to Christ the King.

The Kingship of Christ is depicted in the fourteen large nave windows, reading from the front left to the rear of the church, then from the rear on the right side to the front.

The windows are described:

first: the large medallion,
second: the small one at the top, and
         third: the lower quatrefoil. 

We hope you enjoy learning about our windows!

The Story of Our Stain Glass Windows

  • I. King of The Universe

    I. King of The Universe

    Christ is surrounded by the sun, moon, air, clouds, and trees of creation.
    Crown and cross above orb denote Christ's reign as King of the universe. The  sceptre and sword represent Christ's supremacy in spiritual and temporal matters, respectively.

    Below, the sun and moon represent the subservience of the created universe.

    The halo of stars denotes our reward, or heaven.

  • II. King of the Church

    II. King of the Church

    Christ represents the Church upon a rock.  The stone arches signify the Church structure, while the lambs are the congregation or souls within the Church. 

    Symbol of St. Peter, Christ's first successor, are the gold and silver keys which show the continuance of Christ's spiritual and temporal power; the inverted cross is the means of St. Peter's death.
    The dome of St. Peter's basilica represnt the Mother Church.

  • III. King of the Priesthood

    III. King of the Priesthood

    Christ is vested as the first priest.  The streams denote the fountains of Living Waters. The symbol of the sacrificed Lamb on the left is the offering of the Old Testament, while on the right the Pelican, symbol of Christ, represents the sacrifice of the New Testament.
    Alpha and Omega at the top signify the administration of the priesthood from beginning to end; the shell signifies of baptism (spiritual life); and holy oils represent the last rites (Extreme Unction).

    Below is the symbol of Holy Orders  (ordination to the Priesthood).

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