Ministry Matters – Liturgical Ministries

Here’s what some of our liturgical ministers say about serving:

Being an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion has introduced me to many people inside and outside of the parish. I especially enjoy taking Communion to the homebound and those in the hospital. I see how their faith grounds them and stabilizes them, and how they receive Our Lord like an old, familiar friend. One particularly memorable hospital room visit was to see a sick priest, who, when I asked him if he would like to receive Communion, responded, “Yea, give me the Boss!” – Linda Bond

I started serving as a lector seven years ago, in part as a way to inspire my then 13-year-old daughter, Audrey, to serve as a lector. Serving as a lector soon became a gateway to my becoming a faithful Bible reader and inspired me to attend Father Jon’s Bible study classes for the past three years. I am grateful for the privilege to proclaim the inspired Words of God and to have an added connection with my daughter, who continues to serve when she is home from college. – Racheal Bogina

I visit residents at Brandywine Living Center each Tuesday afternoon. Our service begins with the reading of the previous Sunday’s gospel and a short reflection on its lessons and how they apply to our daily living. We then recite the Our Father and I distribute Holy Communion. After a brief time for meditation, we end with asking God’s peace for all of us. It has been humbling to see the faith and devotion of the residents. I am continually appreciative of the opportunity to serve them as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. – Courtney Malcarney

Serving as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is a special privilege. To take “the bread of life,” Jesus, to those who cannot attend Mass is a blessing to both the giver and the receiver. What better way to obey God’s commandment “to love thy neighbor as thyself.” My desire to serve God has directed me to this calling. For this I am filled with gratitude. – Sally Howley

It is a privilege to be a lector at Christ the King Parish. I feel a connection with everyone through the celebration of the Liturgy. When I prepare the Scripture Readings, I try to understand the message of hope the Lord has for us each week. When I proclaim the Readings, I try to remember the words of St. Paul, “hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts.” For me, this passage says it all. – Trudy Cranston

Serving as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion has been a very real part of my journey toward a closer walk with God. I remember an experience when something special occurred when I was blessing throats. As I held the candles on the shoulders of one person, I looked at her eyes saying the prayer for the intercession of St. Blase. The person started to cry. She was my friend who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. My first thought was, “Oh no, there’s no crying in blessing throats!” But there was and that was OK! When I got back to the sacristy, I asked a priest, “What just happened out there?” and he put it all in perspective with one quote from Henry Nouwen. He said, “Now Joannie, you finally know what ministry is. You have ‘let the Christ in you, touch the Christ in others’!” And that has made all the difference. – Joan Sandell

Serving as a lector helps me to strengthen my faith and interaction with the parish in a purposeful way. As I spend time prayerfully preparing the readings each week, my soul becomes nourished and healed. It is my humble hope that proclaiming the Word of the Lord will help serve as a source of greater education, inspiration and comfort to all, as we continue to share in this journey of faith together. – Jennifer Trofe-Clark

One day after serving at a Mass as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, Father Jon approached me about being his sacristan for the 5 p.m. Mass. His sincere invitation made me feel loved and accepted by my parish family. Setting out the linens and vessels to be used at the altar is an experience that deepens my faith and brings me closer to God. – Diane Long

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