Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

February 11 Next Sunday is the feast of Saint Bernadette at Lourdes. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette eighteen times in a cave near Lourdes in southern France. At the time, Saint Bernadette was only fourteen years old. Mary told Saint Bernadette that her Son wished to establish a devotion to the Immaculate… Continue reading Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Pastor’s Page – New Director of Liturgy & Music

Most people – at least those with only a casual knowledge – think of “church” as Sunday Mass. While our parish is busy weeklong thanks to our many groups and parochial school, Sunday Mass is our most important activity. Most people identify three dimensions to evaluating Mass: a sense of welcome, good music, and a… Continue reading Pastor’s Page – New Director of Liturgy & Music

Pastor’s Page – New Year’s Resolutions

Formal New Year’s resolutions are probably passe, but a new year is nonetheless a natural time to assess last year’s achievements and set next year’s goals. I’m one of those people who send Christmas letters instead of cards. It’s a one-page recap of my year, heavy on travel but also including professional achievements. If I… Continue reading Pastor’s Page – New Year’s Resolutions

Pastor’s Page – Sacristans

I keep mentioning the US Church’s three-year Eucharistic Revival. Hopefully people are remembering it! There’s so many ways to revive our faith in the Eucharist. One way is to ensure we have beautiful vestments and vessels for Mass. This was a concern in the Old Testament. The high priest’s vestment was to be “skillfully woven”… Continue reading Pastor’s Page – Sacristans

Search begins for new music director

The parish is seeking a new full time music director. Read the job description (PDF). Candidates should email a letter of interest and resume to Fr. Jon by Wednesday, November 22.

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