Homily Inspiration Group

To show your interest after reading January 8’s Pastor’s Page, please complete the form or read an excerpt from the Pastor’s Page below for more information:

The 1984 US bishops’ letter on preaching called Fulfilled in Your Hearing recommended these groups.  Parishioners join the group and meet with the priest(s) at the beginning of every week to read and reflect on the upcoming Sunday’s Scriptures.

Here’s the gathering agenda recommended by the US bishops’ letter:

  1. Read the Scripture passages (15 minutes)
  2. Share the words that made an impression with you (10 minutes)
  3. Share scholars’ comments on the Scriptures (10 minutes) (my responsibility)
  4. How are the Scriptures Good News? (10 minutes)
  5. What are the challenges of the Scriptures? (10 minutes)
  6. What are the consequences for us today? (5 minutes)

Are you interested in joining a homily support group here?  To ensure group diversity, please fill out the form.  The form asks a few demographic questions.  Once I have a small but representative group, we’ll begin to meet, hopefully in February.  There’s no commitment – I understand it’s common for people to leave after only a few weeks.

At May 2022’s discernment meeting (parish town hall), one or two parishioners mentioned how much they missed the small Christian communities that Msgr. Morgan began in the parish.  I know also from Christ Our Light Parish that they are a meaningful way for some Catholics to grow spiritually between Sunday Masses in a more comfortable setting, often the home of one of the members.  The homily support group is not quite a small Christian community but the faith sharing around the Sunday Scriptures is similar.  The homily group would also practice confidentiality, as I don’t think it would be appropriate for parishioners to point out which ideas in my homily were theirs!  Please give my request some consideration and, if interested, fill out the form.